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Incidental Music for the Theatre

I've composed music and designed sound for more than thirty plays with both professional and community theater companies.


"Jonathan is a genius. An absolute, honest-to-God genius." — actress Karen Black

"An unbelievably amazing sound designer." — director Lee Mikeska Gardner

Theatrical Music Demo Tracks

PLEASE NOTE: All the recordings below, and the compositions they contain, are copyrighted. Any use without permission is strictly prohibited.

Opener for "An Empty Plate at the Cafe du Grand Boeuf"

A "Cirque du Soleil"-type romp that opened a quirky comedy about a man in a French cafe.

Main theme for the play "The Ruffian on the Stair"

The main theme of a somewhat comedic play about a working class British couple in the 60s.

"Almost Maine" Theme Demo

Main theme composed for the play "Almost Maine".

"Almost Maine" Opening and Ending

Opening and ending music for the play "Almost Maine".

Love Theme for "Prelude to a Kiss"

Very simple piano love theme composed for the play "Prelude to a Kiss".

Sparse and Sinister

Some mood music.

The Birthday Party

Opening for a comedy that begins with a birthday party.